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Wedding Cakes

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to make a very special cake for your Wedding Day.

I make both traditional and less traditional Wedding Cakes. My style is that of simple elegance and I design in soft icing rather than in traditional ‘Royal’ or hard icing. This means that smooth curved effects are possible rather than the more fussy style which many people find rather dated. Most of my cakes are made in light sponge, lemon sponge, chocolate sponge or traditional fruit but I am happy to be guided by you as to what you would like. I have even made a Wedding Cake in chocolate crunch!

I am able to provide you with a wide variety of stands to suit the design and style of your Wedding Cake. Alternatively, I am able to create an individual stand as a unique finishing touch for your special Wedding Cake.  In addition, I offer a choice of truly spectacular bride's knives - perfect for that 'Cutting the Cake' ceremony!


I shall be happy to deliver your wedding cake and to set it up at your reception venue, which many of my customers really appreciate as there is plenty else to think about on the day!

I make all my cakes personally. This means that I am able to make a cake exactly to a couple's wishes. As each cake is created individually by me, this makes it unique to your wedding and therefore something very special indeed.

For most couples, an elegant formal Wedding Cake is still the favourite choice. But there are infinite variations on such a theme!

For example, I can incorporate fresh, silk or sugar flowers to match those in a bouquet and can use coloured ribbon both on the Cakes and on the boards to reflect the colour of a dress. I can also incorporate coloured icing and a wide variety of accessories such as glass gems or toppers. I am able to create cakes in any shape, such as heart, hexagon or petal - as well as the traditional choice of round or square cakes. There really is no limit to your choice.

In the Wedding Cakes Gallery above, you will find photographs of a small selection of Wedding Cakes which I have made in the past and which I hope will encourage you to want to talk to me!

Turning now to less traditional cakes, really there is no limit to what I have been asked to achieve for my customers!  For example, I can work from a photograph, picture or drawing or from ideas involving the lives and interests of the bride and groom.  I have created Cakes in the style of a Newspaper, as a reproduction of the Wedding Invitation and as a 'Wedding Bus'.

An increasingly popular and up-to-the minute style is that of individual cakes, displayed on a stand. Again, the permutations are endless but I am able to offer what I believe to be a unique service.  I will create a stand for you which will continue the theme of your Cakes by surrounding the boards with ribbon reflecting the colour of the cake decoration and creating pillars to match the colour of their cases


​If you are planning a wedding, it is never too soon to talk to me.  Because I offer a truly personal service, I am limited as to the number of Wedding Cakes which I can make, particularly if your Wedding is to take place on a Saturday. 


If what you have seen and read on my website has whetted your appetite, please do get in touch - find out the many ways to do so on my Contact Me page. You might also like to  introduce yourself to me at one of the events at which I am exhibiting.  Have a look at my Fairs page.


A wedding is a supremely personal event - a particularly special day in your life. You will want to feel confident that all those persons with whom you have entrusted your plans have become friends. I want you to be absolutely thrilled with your Cake and for it to be exactly what you hoped for to complement your Wedding Day. Only by meeting me will you be able to get to know me and to feel confident that I will work hard to achieve that end for you.

I will be delighted to show you other photographs and to chat about your plans over a cup of tea or coffee with you. Not only will such a meeting enable us to get to know each other and for you to see my kitchens and facilities but it will provide an opportunity for us either to create ideas or to finalise details together. In addition, and very importantly, it will also enable you to try my cake for yourself and to see just how different it is!


Please remember that all my cakes are made to your design - I shall be happy to create anything at all.

Once we have had an opportunity to discuss what you would like, I shall be very pleased to give a guide as to price and to provide you with a quotation for your final choice. Such a quotation will be inclusive of everything - you can rest assured that, unlike so many other Wedding Cake suppliers, there will be no hidden costs with me!  In the meantime, you might like to look at my Prices, Notice and Delivery page which will assure you that a unique Cake does not have to come with a unique price!


My aim is for you to be absolutely delighted with your Wedding Cake.  Do Contact Me to discuss how we can achieve that together.

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