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Prices, Notices and Delivery


As every cake which I make is unique, it is impossible to issue a price list.  This does not, however mean that I am shy about prices!  I am always very willing to give a guide price once I have some idea of the style and size of cake required. 

Of course, I am happy to give a quotation for a specific cake. In addition, I am also prepared to offer guidance as to the size of cake needed for a particular celebration and as to how savings might be effected, if other aspects of your celebration have already started to put a strain on the budget!

I can, however give some guidance in general terms. My celebration cakes start at £58 for one of a simple design which will comfortably give twenty servings.  For a celebration cake to provide over 50 servings, a good guide is approximately £1.50 to £2 per serving.

A simply decorated three tier wedding cake, 6", 8" and 10" in diameter, starts at £430 and a simply decorated three tier wedding cake, 8", 10" and 12" in diameter, starts at £470. These prices include delivery and setting up at your reception venue


Please remember that I make all my Cakes personally and that there is, therefore, a limit to what I can achieve in any given period. The amount of notice that I need depends entirely on availability for the week in question.  I may be able to take an order for the next day.  Alternatively, even six months' notice might be too little, particularly for a wedding cake.  

I will always try to fit in an order, so even if you think that you may have left it too late, do give me a telephone call.  I will do my very best to ensure that you are not disappointed.

The best advice that I can give is to contact me as soon as you can.  I am always happy to reserve a 'slot' even if you do not know the full detail of what you will eventually want.

Please remember:   It's never too late to enquire - it's often too late to book! 


For Wedding Cakes, I invariably deliver and set these up at the wedding venue on the day of your wedding. There is no separate charge for this and your quotation will be inclusive of delivery unless you request otherwise. Most brides have better things to do on their wedding day!

Otherwise, most of my customers collect their cakes from my premises in Elmswell but I am always happy to arrange for delivery subject to my availability for an additional charge. It is often wise to arrange for delivery for very large cakes as they can quite overwhelm a family car!

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