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Corporate Cakes

Are you having a celebration? What a photo opportunity! Watch the cameras come out for this! If you want to get the press interested, tell them that you have a cake three feet square to serve hundreds of guests - that's something really worth following up!


There are a myriad of opportunities for companies, partnerships and businesses to promote themselves to the public at large - a new extension, move of premises or the adoption of a new corporate image are all examples of occasions when your business has an opportunity to gain that all important publicity.

For that reason, many businesses take the opportunity to hold an event to mark the occasion - an Open Day or a launch evening provides a wonderful opportunity to target a large number of customers and clients and to promote your business. You will want to maximise the potential of your celebration.

May I therefore take the opportunity to introduce an idea which will enable you to raise the profile of your event? I am able to provide you with a novel and an interesting element to the occasion, thereby creating the opportunity for you to gain considerable extra publicity for your business, at remarkably low cost.


A giant cake will offer a unique centrepiece for your event, a real talking point for your guests and a perfect promotional photo opportunity for the Management.

Additionally, such a Cake provides a focal point for the primary moment of the event - for example, immediately after the launch of a new product. Again, photographic opportunities offer themselves!

Let me create a Cake for you in the style of your new building, the design of your vehicle fleet, a model of a new product, your new logo - even a photograph of your staff.............the possibilities are endless.

Similarly, a celebration may be of a more personal nature, such as a long service award, retirement or 'salesman of the year' promotion. A unique Cake offers a truly personal touch, creating much goodwill, whilst still offering the same promotional opportunities.

The Press are far more likely to pay you attention if there is an unusual flavour to your celebration! You will also be able to utilise photographs for such purposes as in-house company publicity and other advertising and promotional opportunities.


Why not start by looking at some of the work which I have carried out for other businesses on my Corporate Commissions page?  Here you will see just how professional my work is.  I can work from a photograph, picture or drawing or from a concept or idea. All my cakes are individually made after discussions with my customers. I shall be delighted to talk over ideas with you for your celebration.

Size is not a problem. I can create a cake as large as a client wants. I am able to make a cake some three feet wide - the only limitation is the width of the door!  I regularly produce very large cakes and can assure you that a cake for a few hundred guests is something special and makes a real statement!

Delivery is not a problem either, as I have the facilities to safely transport any cake. I appreciate that businesses usually prefer to leave the responsibility of getting a cake to the appropriate venue with me!

I am very conscious that you will need to be confident of my reliability. I would like to assure you that you can safely have that confidence, as I am very much aware of just how important it is to be able to put complete faith in the person to whom you entrust such business. Please do take a look at my Testimonials page.

Finally there is one most important point to which I must draw your attention - my cakes are light and moist and are a perfect supplement to any food that you arrange for your celebration! They are not just attractive - they taste delicious and will captivate your guests!


Just look at the impact of a really large cake - and imagine the contribution such a cake would make to your own celebration!


I do hope that I have created sufficient interest for you to want to talk about the idea in greater detail. Please do Contact Me so that we can discuss your event.

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