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Stands, Knives and Toppers

Stands, Knives and Toppers

There are many important aspects to your Wedding Cake.  In particular, it must both taste and look delightful.  Second only to the bride's dress, it should encapsulate the theme and style of your special day.

It is therefore important to me to know that having created the perfect Wedding Cake for you, it is displayed to its full splendour, complemented by the perfect bride's knife and that any bride and groom topper reflects your day, so that it acts as a truly long lasting memento. 

Here, I try to give you a flavour of the many different alternatives which I can offer to complement your Wedding Cake, so that it really does justify taking centre stage at your wedding reception.


You will find that there are lots of ways to display your wedding cake!  Here are just some of them - I am able to provide all the stands shown in these photographs.  If you would like something else, please ask - I will always try to provide whatever you would like.

I am able to offer two styles of two tier stands, one which displays the cakes  one above the other in a traditional way ('C' Stand) and one which displays them with the upper cake slightly set back from the lower cake (Stepped Stand).  Both are finished in silver. 

However, if you have something different in mind, I shall be happy to try to organise it for you!

Two Tier Stands

Three Tier Stands

I am able to offer five different three tier stands. First of all, there are two which display the cakes one above the other in a traditional way ('E' Stand). This stand is available either with a silver finish (as shown on the left) or with a gold finish.

An alternative option is for the cakes to be displayed as in the centre picture (Swan Stand). With these cakes, I have finished the stand with ivy to co-ordinate it with the decorations on the cakes. 

Also available are two stands which display the Cakes in a 'Stepped' style, one of which has steep 'steps' and the other 'shollow steps.

However, again, if you have something different in mind, I shall be happy to try to organise it for you!

Four Tier Stands

It is now possible to display four cakes on a stand! As many couples choose to have either some or all of their cake created in sponge, these stands enable a larger number of servings to be displayed than would otherwise be possible.  

I am able to offer two styles of four tier stands, one which displays the cakes one above the other, in the traditional way ('E' Stand) and one which displays them in a more open manner and in which the two cakes on the central tier are the same size. (Display Stand).  Both are finished in silver. 

However, yet again, if you have in mind something different, I shall be happy to try to organise it for you!

Antique Stands

I have recently acquired three antique silver stands, two round and the other square.  These create a truly wonderful display. 


You can see the square stand being used in the context of an entirely different celebration when Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall cut my cake for St. Nicholas' Hospice's 21st Anniversary.

Other Options

There are numerous ways to display your Wedding Cake and you may prefer other ideas to that of a conventional stand.  Shown above are a number of possibilities.

First, cup cakes are displayed on a stand created personally by me to co-ordinate with the couple's colour theme. Secondly, a 'stacked' cake is shown with an unusual base, again created personally by me and again to coordinate with the style and decoration of the couple's cake.


Finally, a modern style of cake using a clear 'separator' to lift the upper tier is shown - many styles of separator are available. 

Other options include, of course, traditional pillars to separate the cakes or a display of cakes on  silk, satin or velvet, each cake being at a different height.


'The Cutting the Cake' moment is so important to your Wedding Day - often the photograph chosen by many as a memento.  Such an occasion requires a knife of style and substance and I have just the thing!

I am able to offer a choice of truly spectacular bridal knives in different designs.  Any of them will really set off your Wedding Cake to perfection. If you choose a gold stand, I am even able to provide a knife with a matching gold handle.  In addition, I always decorate the knife with ribbon to match the theme of your Wedding Cake. 


There is also the option to have your own personalised knife with your names and date engraved onto the knife itself. Touches like this truly make a real difference!


Your cake can be finished in any way that you may choose - flowers, stars, your initials, a burst of hearts or sparkling gems - whatever you would like. 


Many couples choose to have a figurine of a bride and groom to keep as a memento of the day and you will find here some examples of different styles - traditional, elegant or wacky! 


If I do not have what you would specifically like, then I will do my utmost to source it for you.

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