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Celebration Cakes

I would be delighted to create something really different for your celebration! I create both formal cakes and informal cakes - for young and old alike - serious or zany!

As a small business, I make all my cakes personally. Every cake is created for a specific person and event. Each is unique and therefore something very special.

I can work from a photograph, picture or drawing or from an idea such as a book, a sport, or a hobby. I can provide silk flowers or other decoration which can be kept as a memento of the occasion.

I offer a choice of mixes such as sponge, lemon sponge, chocolate sponge, traditional fruit or ‘chocolate crunch’.

My cakes cannot be compared with cake bought ‘off the shelf’ from a supermarket in any way! The texture and taste is quite different - my sponge is moist and light and my fruit is moist and rich.

If you need something really large, this is not a problem - I am even able to produce a cake for 250 people for really large events!  I regularly create cakes to give between 100 - 150 servings although the majority of my orders are for something rather more modest!

If you do not have a clear idea of what you would like, I usually find that a chat helps to create some ideas. I am also happy to help in defining the detail of a final choice.

In addition to the numerous ideas in my Galleries, let me tell you about the three concepts for cakes which are exclusive to my business - because they are my ideas! For further details, please look at my Exclusive Ideas! page.

I am always happy to give a quotation. In the meantime, you might like to look at my Prices, Notice and Delivery page which will assure you that a unique Cake does not have to come with a unique price!

Please remember that all my cakes are made to your design - I shall be happy to create anything at all. My aim is for you to be absolutely delighted with your Cake. Do Contact Me to discuss how I can achieve that for you.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course and do hope that I shall be able to provide you with something really different!

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